Kathleen Cribb
I'm a spirit intermediary. My work includes being a  Spiritualist minister, playwright, motivational speaker, teacher and psychic medium. After years of working at Spiritualist churches, camps and in homes circles my spirit guides prompted me to write a play about spirit communication; The Table.  Then they prompted me to tell the story about Charles Rosna's murder; The Foundation.  In 2012 they were published together in Because Spirit Said So.
My husband, Frank and I moved from Virginia Beach, VA in December, 2014 to a small community approximately 18 miles east of Charlottesville, VA. We chose the foothills of Virginia so we can live surrounded by nature and absorb our earth's most gentle vibrations. We feel like we were lead to this property by our spirit guides. I wonder what new book White Swan is hiding up his gossamer sleeve.
Do you listen to your spirit guides or guardian angels? They love you and do not want to manage your life. They want to be of help to you. I am the happiest when I pay attention to them and their guidance. Some of our guides are actually spirit loved ones who passed away from this dimention. Souls do not die. They move peacefully into an invisable time and place. They are all around us in the here and now; but, most of us do not notice them.  Remember, we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience.

I've been aware of their ghostly presence since childhood. Perhaps you have been too. We all have the innate ability to sense spirits but most choose not to. I offer classes and workshops on spiritual development to help you reconnect with your psychic gifts & mediumship abilities. Check out my workshop page to see what might interest you.

Do you believe in the power of prayers? I most definately believe the loving intensions sent from our hearts to God work wonders. Please send me an email if you or someone you love would like to be named on a healing prayer list. We do not want nor need the reason for the request. Love is unconditional and non-judgmental. We do not want our prayers to limit the healing process in any way. Give me their name and city and/or state or country: Mary S. in Maybury, VA or Mary Smith in VA or USA would be appropriate.  This information will be placed on an international healing list. We honor everyone's right to privacy. Please ask for the person's permission before sharing the information with me.
Please explore my web site. Perhaps someday soon I will meet you when I serve your Spiritualist church or camp. I am also available for gallery readings, home circles, workshops and message circles. Hope to see you soon.
Serving is all we need to do. Mutual love and respect for all entities is what we need to practice.